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The Payment Shock - concept. The outline of a house filled with rolled up £20 notes.

The Mortgage Charter

On the 26th June, Jeremy Hunt introduced the new Mortgage Charter in the House of Commons. Acknowledging the difficult position homeowners find themselves in, particularly

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Finfluencers: A man reaches up to a floating 'like' button, about to press it.

The Rise of Finfluencers

Share this post:  Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Social media has transformed the way we consume information. People already turn to sharing platforms in increasing numbers for

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Green Mortgages: A house made out of leaves set against a white background.

Green Mortgages and a Net Zero UK

Since the government announced the UK’s commitment to decarbonise all sectors of the UK economy by 2050, the race to align financial services with key environmental objectives has gained momentum.

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Financial Inclusion: Hands tap a credit card onto a contactless machine.

Financial Inclusion in a Cost of Living Crisis

An estimated 13 million people in the UK face financial exclusion (The Inclusion Foundation, 2020). The cost-of-living crisis creates more challenges, with rising food and energy prices impacting people’s financial resilience.

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