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At eligible, our people are the heart of our company. We’re a talented team with experience from all over the world committed to problem-solving. As this is their company too, we’re basically family.

What is eligible?

Eligible (or eligible ai) is a fintech start-up, developing smart relationship solutions for financial institutions in the mortgage market. Our customers use our products to empower their teams, grow their businesses and increase their retention. It’s our mission to help our clients delight, value and keep their customers forever.

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We're here to make a difference, a real BIG impact. We're going to dominate the mortgage space and revolutionise the way that financial institutions think about customer experience for good.


We like to get sh*t done here. Together, we work and learn faster, solve more problems and support each other across projects. We trust and truly value our people, so you can always count on us to deliver.


We’re transparent, what you see is what you get. We’re quirky, welcoming and collaborative. We take good care of our people, so they take good care of our customers.

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