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Why Your Customers Won’t Talk About Money

Recent years have seen a huge shift in how financial institutions appeal to customers. Whether due to rapidly expanding digital competition, tighter regulation, or an increase in consumer feedback surveys, the intention is clear: providers are ready to talk about money.

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New Consumer Duty, Lenders, and the Financially Vulnerable

The FCA describes the new consumer duty as a ‘paradigm shift’ in expectations for firms providing financial services across the UK. The new rules are complex, but at its heart, the new consumer duty aims to enhance protection and improve the experience for millions of customers accessing financial services.

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Loyalty and the Lender

Every month, hundreds of people google the potential benefits of staying with their current lender. The answers they receive are pretty standard. A product transfer can save you money, be less hassle in the short-term, and often save a lot of time in lengthy document/credit checks.

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