The quarterly Glow Up review


Everyone needs a glow-up and we’re no different. Feedback really is our fuel. Every chance we get, we will “virtually pounce” on anything with a pulse for some feedback – it’s best for both of us. Fuelling our product, we’ve made a few changes over the last few months for a bigger and better experience! 

Glow-Up: Speed
Gif of super-girl running, with the caption 'Super Speed'


The highlights

  • Quick Select
  • CC admins
  • Load Approval

Ready, set, go……..

To those of you that know us so well, you would’ve recently seen Quick Select appear in your client records.  

For those of you that don’t know us so well (get to know us, we don’t bite, promise) – it looks a little something like this…  

Glow-up: Quick select product snap


Here, you can ‘quick select’ the cases with the outcome, whether you’re booking a meet-on-the-go, marking properties as sold or starting cases ( the holy grail!). Work smart and move fast. 😉   

I mean, you’re probably thinking ‘What was life like before Quick Select?’  I know we are…

Picture this… Friday night ( afternoon), you’re ready to clock off and run to the pub but you still have to update your case outcomes. So, what did we do?  

We created Quick Select! Because we love to save you time, so you can do more of the things you love. You’re welcome.

But this is just one element of this quarter’s glow-up…

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Well, ‘marriage’ might be a bit of an exaggeration… but we have just helped ‘two become one’! by keeping admins in the loop of what brokers are up to – and cutting down on ‘noise’ in brokers’ inboxes…  what more could you want? 

Gif of the Spice Girls singing "2 Become 1"


Following some useful user feedback, we’ve built a feature that will CC admins into reminder emails to brokers about their leads. We’ve also made some changes so that only the reporter of a data change gets email updates about its progress (rather than the owner of the lead). We now link the accounts together, so you get more of what you want (copied in admins) and less of what you don’t (updates about things you didn’t ask for).  

Do you believe in life after Load…(approval)?

 If you haven’t heard the news already, then here it is – Load Approval has had a Facelift 

I know, you’re asking yourself: “How did they change it?” Rest assured, if there is one thing, we know how to do at Eligible is listen to our amazing customers and make changes.  

Plus, if you’re reading this thinking “What the fudge is Load Approval?”  –  it’s our super cool data cleansing tool. It tells you what’s missing, how to fix it, and generally helps you make your data better. Remember, data is your most valuable asset! 

Glow-up: Load Approval
Gif of two women having a clear out - illustrating clean and tidy data!


So, what has happened to Load Approval during this glow-up?  

Well, you have probably seen a few cool features show up but if not … Don’t you worry, read along. 

We’ve added a progress tracker! On the right-hand side of each Consumer record, you can check the progress you have made on correcting the record. As you review or amend any incorrect fields, the progress will show like this. Not only this, but we have implemented arrows used as a navigation system to enable you to click those arrows to find the errors.

Glow-up: Customer support: Animation of a virtual hug loading.


 Ok, it doesn’t completely look like the above. But imagine that’s exactly what your data is doing when you’re fixing it. N’awwww, cute right? Yep, totally made that work.

Why do we LOVE load approval – because it helps you keep your clients safe and your data clean. Meaning you’re not missing opportunities to grow your business.

And there you have it – this quarter’s glow-up!

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