What to Expect from the Mortgage Market in 2022

What to Expect from the Mortgage Market in 2022

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Take a look at our data report, focusing on key insights for your business: What to expect from the mortgage market in 2022 with insights into the £27bn+ in mortgages we monitor. Key themes include:

  • Mortgage rates rising
  • Lending levels estimated to reach £281bn
  • Increased competition among lenders
  • Affordability criteria set to relax
  • Record product maturities for 2022
  • Challenges and opportunities for advisers on the horizon
  • Growth in longer-term fixed deals


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As the share of maturities on 5-year products is grows steadily for both residential and buy-to-let year-on-year,  so does the need to invest in robust strategies to nurture customer relationships long-term.

We’ve developed the mortgage market’s first-ever dedicated customer retention solution, to help our customers keep theirs for life. Used by 1600+ advisers to help them save time, automate admin and consistently stay front of mind, so they can focus on what they do best – give advice.

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