June 2021: The Quarterly Glow Up review


June 2021: The Quarterly Glow Up Review. Is it just me, or did we get better-looking?

June 2021: Quarterly Glow Up Review - Gif of a child partying in a suit.


It’s that time again, when I take to the internet stage to tell you how we upped our game this quarter. Just in case you missed it…

The highlights

  • 2FA
  • Call request pop-ups
  • Automation and data configs


You’re the one that I want, you are the one I want…

Ooh ooh ooh… This is why we’ve launched Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA delivers an extra layer of protection for our business users and firms, significantly decreasing the risk of unauthorised access and system breaches.

Remember that data is so much more than just some lines on a spreadsheet, it’s your firm’s livelihood so we understand that it needs to be protected 24-7.

June 2021 Quarterly Glow Up Review: Gif of a woman singing: "All I want is you."


Alert, alert, alert!

We’re making it even harder for your clients to ignore you. The client side of the app now has new and even more tempting pop-ups, encouraging your clients to schedule a call with an expanded pop-up call to action.

We won’t let our users forget either, so Retain will chase them just as much as it chases their clients to keep it up-to-date with outcomes. So naturally, we’ve added more reminders for or wonderful users too.

GIF of two animated characters.One if saying "Don't Forget"


I’m designer….

We’ve also been busy making improvements to Retain’s speed and architecture.

We’re making it easy to keep our user’s data kingdoms neat and tidy. Retain users can now select the file type when they upload, to let us ( the royal us) know what kind of data we’re looking at to speed up processing times and automation.

Over time the system will be able to understand exactly what users are uploading without any manual intervention, so records go straight into our data cleansing tool – Load approval.

Smart, huh?

June 2021: Quarterly Glow Up Review - Gif of Sheldon fromThe Big Bang Theory being sassy.


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