Supporting the fight against COVID-19.

We're giving you free access to our retention tool for 3 months.

All we ask is that you pay-it-forward and help others in need.

Do something good, no matter how big or small and tell us about it. We'll keep your remortgage book ticking over, letting your clients know you're here for them.

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Good deeds

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Keep clients engaged automatically.

With Retain, you’re able to support every client.

Firm branded, Retain runs in the background, learning about your clients from the day after completion. Reaching out only with information relevant to their questions and needs, including rate changes and payment holidays.

So you can focus on speaking with clients and submitting more retention business.

“We want to pay forward good deeds that we are seeing across the industry. Anything from offering staff volunteering hours, in-kind donations to NHS support and more. Good deeds big or small, we want to hear from firms and say a big thank you. Which is why we’re waiving our fees for 3 months for those who are supporting the fight against COVID-19.”
Rameez Zafar
Co-founder and CEO

How Retain works.



We contact your clients at the right time automatically. To reduce time spent chasing clients to stay on top of their product needs.



We use financial analytics and concepts to improve your clients understanding. To delight clients with your own branded application.



We alert you when your client is ready to talk. To prioritise based on engagement and understand what your client cares about.