Keep your customers for good.

Improve your customer retention by 16% in just 3 months.

We analyse every customer interaction to help you build stronger long-term relationships and grow your business. Turning outbound into inbound.

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Your best customer is the one you already have.

More profitable
More likely to refer

Hot leads with no additional cost.

Leads drying up? You already have your best lead source right in front of you.

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Our CEO’s top tips on marketing for mortgage leads.

Steal some tips to add to your strategy and action some quick wins for your mortgage business.

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Helping mortgage lenders and brokers retain their existing clients.

At, Eligible, we know how valuable your current customers are to your business growth.

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The AI retention solution everybody’s talking about.

Improve your client retention by 16% in just three months.

Introducing Retain, by Eligible. The first dedicated AI mortgage retention solution.

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Retain for your team.

Teams see a prioritised list of hot leads ready to convert in their own web app, which keeps track of every single customer.

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Retain for your customers.

Customers see relevant content to their mortgage situation in their own firm branded app. So, when they think mortgage they think of you first.

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“Delighting and retaining clients has always been at the very heart of the businesses I’ve run. Retain helps automate and improve so much of what we did manually but in a engaging and charming way. I liken it to hunting with a rifle when everyone else is using a shotgun!”

Peter Rollings, Former Director Foxtons, CEO Marsh & Parson

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Solutions focused

Solution-focused and market fit.

We innovate financial services

We’re here to make some noise, impact and a real difference to how you show value to your customers. We work closely with our clients and end users, tirelessly testing our developments making sure we get it right every single time.

We’re customer centric. Our tech gives you more insights into your data, measuring interactions so you know which customers are ready to transact and when. Our solutions deliver value and increase revenue.

Our solutions support your workforce and productivity, not replace them. We’re here to give your team time to focus resource elsewhere and achieve more. Plus, we keep things simple and easy to understand, so no need for IT or integrations.

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broken hearted
February 13, 2020

One-night stand mortgage brokers, stop breaking our hearts.

An open unlove poem to one-night stand mortgage broker from a broken-hearted borrower. To commiserate valentines day, we're following a borrower unlucky in love.

growth advice for mortgage brokers
February 5, 2020

The best growth advice for mortgage brokers

What's the best growth advice for mortgage brokers? The best advice isn't just a single piece of helpful insight, it's about many key aspects that contribute to growing a successful business. You need to figure out what's important to your mortgage firm right now so you know where to focus your efforts for growth. Mortgage brokers spend so much time advising their own customers, it's only fair that they are given access to their own advice, to help them grow and succeed in financial services. So here goes...

Win back customers
January 29, 2020

How to win-back customers and keep them for good

Customers. They make your world go around. If you thought winning customers was hard, keeping them is even harder- especially if you want to win-back customers for good ( yep, that's the dream!). Not every business is perfect, which is why they invest in win-back strategies and initiatives to keep them coming back again and again. Check out some of the best winning win-backs that you can add to your marketing strategy.

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