Our Story

Eligible simplifies the mortgage process for clients, brokers and lenders alike. It’s our aim to make the mortgage process fast and simple, while always making sure that clients get the best advice.

We are passionate about mortgages. For years we’ve been asking everyone and anyone we meet “Do you have a mortgage? How did you find the process?”

All too often the reply is negative. The simple truth is that the mortgage process leaves everyone stressed, confused and ultimately worried. Worried about whether they’ll actually get through the horrendous application process and finally get accepted.

If you’re reading this, it’s very likely that you’ve either been there yourself or have experienced the pain of helping clients get through it.

After a very long year of questioning, research and hard work, we managed to pinpoint the exact problems with the journey:

Problem #1:

Sifting through all the mortgage deals is impossible for clients and monitoring every lender’s requirements is too time-consuming for brokers. As a client, you’re likely to see 1,000’s of results across nearly 100 lenders when you do a mortgage search. Of course, you can rearrange them to put the cheapest at the top, but as all mortgage brokers will tell you, the cheapest might not necessarily be the best, and you may not even be eligible for it.

Our solution is a smart algorithm which analyses mortgages deals, lender criteria and client profiles to shortlist deals that clients are eligible for (hence the name). With the advice of a broker, our system brings clients to the best deal for their circumstances.

Problem #2:

The world is becoming paperless and digital in every sector… except for mortgages. Clients handling the process themselves feel stressed, confused and exhausted from the process and the never-ending evidence and paperwork. Brokers can certainly help, but then who has the time for endless calls and meetings. Even when a broker handles the paperwork for clients, the process is long, tedious and drawn out for them into several seemingly pointless stages.

For a while, we tried to take things out and shorten the process, but it really wasn’t pretty. The mortgage application process is complex and unfortunately completely necessary.

We decided to digitalise the entire process, so what would take an hour on the phone can be filled in quickly online at your convenience. We have developed market leading software that solves all the problems clients and brokers face.

We took on the challenge to rescue the industry and bring it to the 21st century. After combining the digital process seamlessly with our algorithms and software, Eligible was born.

Team Eligible

First and foremost, we are problem solvers. Our team comes from a diverse background of technology and finance experts with decades of experience. We understand the complexity of the credit underwriting process, the difficulties of navigating regulations when giving advice and most importantly, having mortgages ourselves, we know what’s it’s like to feel trapped by the mortgage process.

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