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Celebrating sign up success 🥳

Pass the cake!This week, Censeo Financial is the latest firm to jump on board and sign up to Retain!We're thrilled to onboard Censeo, as they join firms such as Andrews Property Group, AS Financial, Linear Financial Solutions and Easy Switch, to name a few - already...

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Are bargain hunter borrowers stealing your mojo?

There's a lot of noise surrounding mortgage comparison tools on the market, but what exactly does this mean?More tools = more choice = more confusion? Let’s explore...The paradox of choiceRobo-advice, going direct or even switching to a new broker - with such a...

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Hate to say it, but I told you so

So, 10 year mortgages are on the rise... Remember our Let's speak in 5 years - A shift to 5-year fixes impacts your bottom line blog post?   Well, we said that by 2020, there’s a chance you will see a significant drop in the number of potential remortgage...

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The importance of keeping your clients

No one likes feeling abandoned. Put yourself in your client’s shoes for a moment. They’ve committed their time and energy to an adviser about their specific mortgage requirements. They’ve gone away happy with the right mortgage, only to return at remortgage time to...

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Thumbs Up from TMA

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with TMA Club. We’re working directly with the Club to combat customer retention for brokers across the UK with our solution Retain, by Eligible. In support of Retain, David Copland, director of mortgages at TMA, said: With...

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The FCA’s proposed rules mean more remortgages

What’s going on? The FCA’s new consultation paper suggests major changes to their current lending rules and guidance. The FCA didn’t think it was quite right that consumers who had clearly shown that they could make a higher payment, should be prevented from making a...

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Client retention has to improve

“The following piece about Eligible appeared in Mortgage Introducer on 25th March 2019. Click here to view the original article.” Over the past two years, Eligible has conducted in-depth research with clients and advisers to understand how technology can enhance the...

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We are really happy to welcome Hemel Shah to the team

Hemel, ex-partner at John Charcol, has been tasked with developing B2B relationships and providing feedback on what’s important to brokers. Hemel’s appointment shows our intention to always keep our customers at the heart of our business whilst pushing the...

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