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The Magic list explained

July 26, 2020

Time to hear what the fuss is all about! Don’t miss the magic.

So you’re all logged in, but what are you looking at?

When you first log in you’ll be able to see which lists you have access to- this all depends on your user role.

Advisors will see their ” My leads” list. This is where the magic happens, hence why we call it the magic list. We know it’s cheesy but we’re sticking with it.

How does the Magic list work?

The Magic List (your my leads list) is a smart prioritised list. The Magic List evolves as it learns from you and your clients. On day 1, the list is sorted by expiry. With the name closest to expiry up top.

Here’s where you see all clients that are assigned to you ordered by engagement with their timestamp expiry as a baseline.

So that means call requests or reminders will always float clients to the top of your list, so you can get in touch to talk as soon as possible.

Clicking on each client name will take your to their client record, this is where you can see all this relevant product and contact information, read more here.

Whilst we’re communicating with your clients in the background you can still be working your way down the list giving them a call. This way you’re making sure you’re grabbing every opportunity to make sure you’re front of mind.

Do lists sort by expiry?

The Magic List is already sorted by time to expiry. But remember, it sorts by engagement and leads you can action.

It will always push a client to the top when they request a call. Plus, clients who create an account within 4 months of expiry will sit higher in your list too – that’s the magic.

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