How to extract data from Toolbox

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How to extract data from Toolbox

June 10, 2020

We’ve pulled together a quick “how-to” for Toolbox users on how to get the data we need to get set up on Retain.

Step 1

Open Toolbox.

Step 2

Select the correct report. You need to run a report under the ‘branch’ on Toolbox. You then need to choose reports and then management reports – all highlighted in the screenshot for you below.

Step 3

The report you need it towards the bottom and is called  ‘list all mortgages – extra details’.

Click run now.

Step 4

Extract the report in excel. You will need to add the adviser name and email address to each client.

I need help

We’re happy to jump on screen shares with you, just send us an email or talk to us on live chat.

Read about how to upload to Retain here.

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