A Calculator with a difference

The mortgage market is flooded with affordability calculators for virtually every product that a borrower can imagine. We thought it’s about time we made our own, with a twist.

A calculator for brokers, not borrowers.

We’ve spent some time building a broker-client retention calculator to help you figure out how much money you’re really leaving on the table.

If there’s one thing the mortgage market needs, it’s another calculator! 😉

Try the calculator for yourself

How much money are you really leaving on the table?


Introducing our broker-client retention calculator built especially for brokers.

All you have to do is drag the bar across so it matches your retention stats and it’ll automatically show you how much revenue you’re losing in remortgage deals.

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How many remortgage cases do you complete on a monthly basis?
Your current retention rate
Average fees earned per case



Retain could make* you:


* based on a retention increase of 20%

Customer Retention Matters.

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Eligible ai CEO and co-founder, Rameez Zafar said:

No sweat, we got you.