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Feature: Mortgage Solutions

Feature: Mortgage Solutions

Lenders support open criteria but fear ‘prescriptive rules’ from FCA mortgage study

Borrowers and advisers find suitable mortgage deals earlier if lenders were more open with their criteria, according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), but critics argue the solution is more complex amid fears the watchdog may issue new rules that restrict the market…


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Feature: Mortgage Solutions

Feature: Mortgage Solutions

The future is now

There is one company that could be about to deliver the mortgage industry its Uber moment – or at least create significant disruption, according to Beaumont.

Eligible.AI is an early-stage company trying to solve a number of market problems for both lenders and brokers – including those outlined above.

The company is creating a software interface or digital mortgage platform from which both lenders and intermediaries can serve their customers and which borrowers will be able to access.

Beaumont said: “I think they might have something interesting and you might want to keep a weather eye out for them.”

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