Part 2: Top tips for obtaining clients in uncertain times

Article originally published in Mortgage Introducer on 29th October 2019. 

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Rameez Zafar (pictured), chief executive and co-founder,

I’m following on from my last blog to give you my next three marketing tips. Hope you enjoyed the last post.


    Pimp yourself, you’re kind of a big deal


We said before that word of mouth can be a powerful tool. Once people start to hear about your business, they’ll do their own research online to see how legit you are. Some of these searches will be on social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media is a great way for you to promote your business organically (not paid) too.


Posting helpful insights, reviews from clients and even just being active can help you be heard by your target audience- and it’s free. Don’t be shy, shout about your achievements and encourage your network to get involved in polls or start conversations.

It’ll gain you a bigger following and in turn, attract new customers or even new job opportunities!


    Do a targeted Facebook campaign for your local area promoting some helpful content


Don’t be afraid to set up your own paid ads on social media; this is where your clients spend a lot of their time. Facebook targeting can be super specific, which means you can drill down to a granular level and promote your services by postcode. Promote educational content, like jargon busters that you might post on your blog ( we’re coming to that next) rather than the hard sell of “ pick me I’m the best mortgage broker since sliced bread” that way you’ll get more valuable leads through your marketing efforts.


    Write some blog posts on tips for buying your first home. Be quirky; maybe feature your favourite doormats…


Mortgages are ranked second to divorce as the most stressful life process. So why not do a podcast or write a blog about managing mortgage stress with meditation.

Even have a little more fun with 6 top ways to relieve your mortgage stress, which doesn’t include punching your conveyancer? You can also repurpose any content you produce into soundbites, tips and checklists and use these to draw in more clients.



Final thought

Remember what I said in my last blog post: it’s five to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

Turning your attention to retention can win you more cases vs the cost of bringing in new leads (which you still have to convert once they’re in the pipe).

Investing in specialised automated tools, that help you keep your clients, might be worth more than the time you’ll invest in activating the seven tips in this blog post.

Think about it.

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